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We are always looking for Real Weddings, Inspiration, DIY Tips, and How-To articles. Selected content will be featured in our digital + print magazine, as well as our blog and social media. Non-watermarked photos are required for magazine publication, and proper photo credits will appear with each image. Watermarked photos may be submitted for use on the blog / social media. Here are guidelines for each type of submission.

Wedding/Event Inspiration: Send at least 1 image

Featured Wedding / Event: Send at least 5 images

How-To Articles: Submit an article with 650 words of less. The topic can be tutorials, DIY projects, and how-to guides. Include photos and step-by-step instructions.



Here is our preferred method of receiving photos:

1. Provide a photographer's gallery link (include password if required)

2. Provide a dropbox link for your favorite images.

3. Provide a Google Drive link for your favorite images.

4. Use a free file sharing service, such as Send to

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