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Thanks for checking out the Fall 2023 edition of RENT MY WEDDING Magazine This issue is full of fall wedding inspiration and advice for wedding planning. Columinsts including The Budget Savvy Bride and Preston Bailey offer up helpful tips like how to save money on your big day. Plus, there are DIY projects, the ultimate decor checklist, and in-depth articles on wedding reception decor including monogram lighting and canopies. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a recently engaged couple, there's a little something for everyone! We hope you enjoy this Fall issue of the wedding magazine.



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Here are a the expert columnists regularly featured in RENT MY WEDDING Magazine!

Preston Bailey Budget Savvy Bride Special Effects Lighting! Free shipping  nationwide with www.RentMyWedding.com
Sandy Malone Dale McLean
Cheese Twins Rent a photobooth! Free shipping  nationwide with www.RentMyWedding.com Maggie Austin

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