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Instruction Sheet Links:

    ~ Wall Gobo Setup Instructions (Monogram Lighting)
    ~ Floor Gobo Setup Instructions (Monogram Lighting)
    ~ Pro Gobo Setup Instructions (Pro Gobo / Texture Lighting)

    ~ Standard Uplighting Setup Instructions
    ~ Wireless Uplighting Setup Instructions
    ~ Color Chart for Creating Custom Colors with Uplighting
                ~Text Version of Color Chart for Uplighting

    ~ Black Light Instructions
    ~ Cake / Centerpiece Spotlight Setup Instructions
    ~ Canopy / Chuppah Instructions
    ~ Chair Cover Setup Instructions
    ~ Party Spotlight Instructions Instructions
    ~ Pipe and Drape Backdrop Setup Instructions
    ~ Starry Night Setup Instructions
    ~ Valance / Swag Setup Instructions
    ~ Water / Fire Effect Instructions

    ~ Lighting Stand Setup Instructions
    ~ Crossbar Instructions for Lighting Stand

    ~ Photo Booth Instructions (Digital Package)
    ~ Photo Booth Instructions (Printer Package)

   ~ Red Carpet Instructions
   ~String Light Instructions
   ~Black Light Accessory Instructions

Video Links:

Click the link below to access all of our setup videos. There is a playlist for each product:


Quantity Estimators:

    ~ Uplighting Calculator
    ~ Starry Night Calculator
    ~ Monogram Lighting Coverage Chart
    ~ Cake / Centerpiece Spotlights Calculator
    ~ Blacklights Calculator
    ~ Water Effect Coverage Chart
    ~ Texture Lighting Coverage Chart


Return Information:

    ~ Your rental is due back at any FedEx location two days after your event.  (If your return date falls on a Sunday or holiday, you can return the following day.)

    ~ Please be sure to keep all packaging materials when your items arrive, and reuse the same packaging for the return. There is a pre-paid return shipping label enclosed in the box for your convenience.

Other Informational Links:

    ~ FAQ: All About Wedding Lighting
    ~ Wedding and Event Inspiration




    ~ Instrucciones para Instalar un Gobo (Proyector con Monograma)
    ~ Instrucciones para Instalar Uplights (Luces LED)
    ~ Instrucciones para Instalar Uplights Inalámbricas (Luces LED)
    ~ Instrucciones para Instalar un Starry Night (Proyector con efectos de estrellas en la noche)
    ~ Instrucciones para Luz que Enfoca Pastel o Centro de Mesa
    ~ Instrucciones para Forros de Silla
    ~ Tabla de Colores para obtener el Color de Luz Preferido
                ~Versión de Texto de la Tabla de Colores para Uplights (Luces LED)


   ~ Vídeo de Pasos Para Instalar Luces LED Uplights 
   ~ Vídeo de Como Instalar luces LED uplights en un Salón
   ~ Vídeo de Pasos Simples Para Instalar un Gobo



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