Backdrop Height:
Our backdrops are available with 8 foot tall or 10 foot tall kits. The height can be adjusted lower if desired.

Backdrop Width:
Choose your backdrop width on the order form. If you don't see the exact width you need on the order form, choose the closest width. For example, to cover a 20 foot wide wall, order the 24 foot wide kit. During setup, you can adjust the backdrop down to the exact width you need.

Backdrop Quantity:
Order a separate backdrop kit for each separate area that you want to cover. For example, if you need a 12 foot backdrop behind the cake, and a 24 foot backdrop behind the head table, then you should order (1) 12 foot wide kit, and (1) 24 foot wide kit. On the other hand, if you just need to cover one long 60 foot wall, then order (1) 60 foot wide backdrop.

Important Notes:

Separate Backdrops Backdrop with seamless look
LEFT: (2) 12-foot backdrops next to each other | RIGHT: (1) 24-foot backdrop

Covering an Entire Room?

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